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African American Museum in Philadelphia

African American Museum in Philadelphia
701 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Andiri Media Distribution empowers Producers, Content Rights Holders, Syndicators, and Broadcasters large and small to effectively monetize their Films & content through a Multi-Media Platforms. which covers all 211 domestic markets, has unlimited channel capacity, and allows for very low broadcasting costs.

The future of low-to-moderate budgeted independent films continues to have an outstanding outlook as the rates of return have increased steadily in the last decade. The success of films like Juno, Ray, Coach Carter, Slumdog Millionaire, Little Miss Sunshine, napoleon dynamite, Stomp the Yard is an indication of how independent producers and filmmakers have revolutionized and changed the paradigm for the production and marketing of films. In the past few years, a realignment of companies has caused the structure of the film industry to change at a faster pace than ever before, as shown by the productions financial awareness while delivering outstanding content to the general audiences.


Happy to have InkTip as a partner of
The Philadelphia Film Festival & Market (Philafilm)

A prize package of one (1) InkTip Script Listings for the top three (3) winners of your best picture or best screenplay category to assist in providing them exposure. InkTip Script Listings provide writers/filmmakers with the opportunity to get their scripts read by InkTip’s extensive network of producers, reps, manager, agents, and other qualified industry professionals.


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InkTip where everyone goes for writers & scripts.