Saturday, June 29, 2013

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      VENUE - AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSEUM IN PHILADELPHIA701 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

12:00noon - 1:00pm Independent Filmmakers Workshop
[discussion of screenplay structure and development...admission, free)

Panelists: Rollo Robertson, Producer, ROLLO ROBERTSON PRODUCTIONS, Inc., NY, NY;
Sayyed Muhammad, Instructor,
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, School of Communications, RTF;
Jessica Robertson, Director, Executive Producer;

Robert X. Golphin, Moderator.
ROLLO PRODUCTIONS, Inc.'s feature film, "Brothers of Silver", will be the
topical film of the workshop. Sayyed Muhammad's short film "Still" will have a workshop screening.
1:05pm - 3:00pm "African Independence" , Tukufu Zuberi, Dir., DOC, 117:00 minutes, Col., KENYA (Kikuyu, Portuguese & English   subtitles). Synopsis: "African Independence is a documentary covering the story of the most important events to happen on the African Continent since enslavement and colonization by Europeans
3:00pm -  4:35pm Your Rommate", Kenya Cagle, Dir., FEA, 90:00 minutes, Col., USA. Synopsis: "A story of colliding love triangles".
4:35pm -  4:53pm "Degrees of Delusion", Evan Scott, Dir., SH, 16:07, Col. USA. Synopsis: Carl is the sole caretaker of his infirmed and emanding mother. Worn out helping her, working a full-time job to support them, and secretly seeing his boss, he is on his last thread. When his lover proposes they leave the country together, Carl must weigh a new life against the status quo. Fearing his mother's wrath, he can't shake the feeling that there're other, secret reasons why she wants him to stay. Which will he choose?
4:55pm "The Downside of High School: Philly Teen Filmmaker", Ayana McMillan, Dir., EXP, 3:00 minutes, Col., USA. Synopsis: "This film depicts the intimidation and cruelty that sometimes takes place in high school, and the devastating effect and consequences this behavior can lead to.

Awards Ceremony and Dinner
(black tie optional)

4200 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131


PHILAFILM confers the Festival's LEIGH WHIPPER GOLD Award to winners in competing categories,
first place. SILVER Awards extended to second place finishers,
and Honorable Mentions given to finalists.

General Admission:
Seniors, Students with proper ID, and groups up to (4) :
Tickets can be purchased at the door

Your donation is tax-deductible. PHILAFILM is a project of IAMPTP, Inc.,
The International Association of Motion Picture and
Television Producers, Inc.

Philafilm Award Ceremony Presenter


A native of Philadelphia, PA, Tiffany E. Green knew early on that she wanted to perform. As a child, she would mimic the acts she’d seen in her favorite film “Sparkle” (starring Irene Cara and Phillip Michael Thomas), to the delight of her family and friends. While she is the first to admit that she ‘couldn’t carry a tune,’ she was apparently preparing for her future career in the entertainment industry.
It wasn’t in vain. In time she would begin modeling. Her modeling credits include BET’s “Rip the Runway,” and print work which can be seen nationally. This avenue led to Tiffany starting her own denim-based clothing line called “Iynde,” counting celebrities such as Eve and Vivica A. Fox among those who have sported her wares. She just recently launched her newest clothing line Dillon & Scott; leather ponchos and belts.
In the meantime, acting became Tiffany’s true passion. Beginning with smaller independent projects (Writer’s Block, Destined, Isolation, etc.), Tiffany has also been featured on stage (A Lifetime of Pain, Popular, Lillie Mae) and in several local TV commercials for companies such as; The Philadelphia Weekly, RANDSPEAR and My Family which both are currently running on air locally and on the OWN Network. Today, this Meisner-trained thespian can be seen in the critically acclaimed “Silver Linings Playbook,” which stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro and Chris Tucker. In it, she portrays Tonya, Tucker’s onscreen girlfriend.

Tiffany E. Green was also nominated for Best Actress in Skye Dennis’ award-winning film “The Journey of Herman Stone,” which premiered at the Atlantic City Cinefest in 2012 and is also showing at the Urban Suburban Film Festival, June 29, 2013.
Also, Tiffany will be seen in several Film Festivals across the Country for the film “The North Star,” starring Clifton Powell, Lynn Whitfield and Keith David. Her stellar performance in the North Star will be another rocket set forth to completely launch this Actress career. She can also be seen on the Biography Channel in the hit TV series “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” as the popular R&B singer Angie Stone, which can be found ON DEMAND.
Lastly, as most Actresses’ give back to their community, Ms. Green does that as well. She is co-owner (along with Crystal Lee Brown) of “The Making It Your Business Marketing Seminar” in association with “Behind The Lenz” (Actor Clifton Powell). Ms. Green co-host with the two at acting seminars that teach up and coming actors how to market themselves and learn the business side of showbiz. This coming August 3rd & 4th, Ms. Green will be assisting Actor Clifton Powell with a two day actors boot camp, here in Philadelphia.
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