The 2016 PhilaFilm Winners


BEST Feature Film, LEIGH WHIPPER GOLD Award:Black Mamba”, USA Dr. Belinda Wilson, Producer/Director, Tapestry Entertainment

BEST Short Film, LEIGH WHIPPER GOLD Award: “Kevin”, USA, Ashay Javadekar, Producer/Director

BEST Documentary, LEIGH WHIPPER GOLD Award: “Birth of Black Film”, USA, Robert Lott, Director, Dt. Beverly Richards, Co- Executive Producer,Teamwork Media Group, Int’l.

BEST Experimental, LEIGH WHIPPER GOLD Award: “Uncovered”, USA, Grete Miller, Producer/Director, Pearl Gem Productions

BEST Student, LEIGH WHIPPER GOLD Award: “Incomplete Cell”, USA, Nazir Alston, Producer/Director

BEST Foreign Language Documentary, LEIGH WHIPPER GOLD Award: “O Cuidar, No Terreiro”, Neto Borges, Director, Olhop Films

BEST Foreign Language Short Subject, LEIGH WHIPPER GOLD Award: “The Summer of Gods”, Eliciana Nascimento, Director

SILVER Award, Short Subject: “Veneration”,USA, Frank Lisi, Producer/Director, Dream Quest Entertainment

SILVER Award, Short Subject: “Jenna Remembers”, USA, John Woods, Producer/Director, Dionysus Productions

SILVER Award, Documentary: “African Genesis, Journey of the Songhai People: Part 2, GHANA, Door of No Return”, USA, Robert Lott,Producer/Director/Editor, Teamwork Media Group, Int’l; “Renaissance Period of the African American In Sports”, USA, Robert Lott Producer/Director, Teamwork Media Group,Int’l.

HONORABLE MENTION, Short Subject: “There Goes The Neighborhoods”, USA, Steven Berry, Producer/Director, Blue Owl Productions

HONORABLE MENTION, Short Subject: “Bardo”, USA, John Woods, Producer/Director, Dionysus Productions

HONORABLE MENTION, Documentary: “Broken Dreams: The Man I Always wanted To Be”, USA, Ty Brown, Joe Sapienza, Producers, Co-Directors, JTL Films.

HONORABLE MENTION, Documentary: “Chancellor Street”, USA, Cleous Young Producer/Director, Think Twyce Productions.