philafilm logoPHILAFILM is an event designed to showcase the works of Independent film and Videomakers from around the world Festival Committee, as a matter of programming policy, invites key distributors, station programmers, ad agencies and marketing coordinators to the public screenings to stimulate sales and rentals of entered works. IAMPTP also often takes on a distributor’s role on behalf of producers to expedite sales and rentals.
International entries must be accompanied by English subtitles if the soundtrack is not in English (Spanish language entries are exempted from this requirement). International video entries must be submitted using U.S. Broadcast Standards (NTSC, SMPTE, 525 lines). All entries must have a return address accompanying each work, with the work’s title clearly identified on the shipping case or label. Each entry must be individually packaged (separate reels). RETURN POSTAGE MUST ACCOMPANY ALL PREVIEW DVDs) IF YOU WISH TO HAVE THE DVDs/TAPE(S) RETURNED.

Competing entries are those works entered for prizes and awards, and entries which compete against works in their respective categories and classes. Prizes are awarded to first place finishers in each class of the Competition category (e.g., Documentary, Animation, and Experimental). Certificates are given to second place and Honorable Mentions. No award is given for an entry that is non-competing. The Festival Committee will include a special “Student Category” for such entrants entering Competition or Market productions.

It is important that each competitive entry be submitted electronically via VIMEO or YOUTUBE. The electronic Link must be fowarded along with the entry form and any required fee as indicated on the entry form. The competitor’s DVD, Blue Ray or other medium for exhibition during the Festival must be received at least ten (10) days prior to the start of the festival for scheduling and screening.  Electronic Submissions should be sent to

Click here to download the 2015 Call for Entry Form